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Welcome to

Project #DreamHome Studio SA 

Mission:  transform this 2-story, 2800 sqft modern/traditional home into a fully loaded, creative, and comfortable workspace for photographers, videographers and on-camera talent. 

DreamHome Studio SA is located near 1604/Bulverde road on the North Central side of San Antonio, Texas. 
The home features a 16x18ft blacked out studio room, as well as photo-worthy areas in and around the house.

Each studio rental comes with basic lighting equipment, 1-10x10ft white, blue, green, black or gray fabric backdrop + flooring and props of your choice.  We have a 6 car driveway and parking is allowed alongside the street. Our back patio has seating areas and a picnic bench for comfort. Smoking is only allowed on the back patio. You may arrive a maximum of 10minutes prior to your booking time to get checked-in.

We look forward to providing fresh creative sets for you and your clients for years to come! 

Feel free to contact us for any questions or to brainstorm on your shoot ideas!

Our studio can be rented by the hour and is currently open 7 days a week from 10-6pm. 

**to see a complete list of what's included in your studio booking, scroll down to the bottom of the page


  • NEEWER 600W Strobe Flash ( "2 x S101-300W Monolight with Reflector

  • 1 x RT-16 Trigger+ Receiver

  •  Bi Color 660 LED Video Light for continuous light 

  • Table Tripod with Phone/Action Cam mount + Shutter

  • 16" Ring Light w/ 62" extendable tripod w/ phone mount 

  • RGB1 Magnetic handheld light Stick $5

  • RGB660 LED Video Light x 2- 660 RGB +$15


  • White fabric (10x12)

  •  Black fabric (10x12)

  •  Blue fabric (10x12)

  •  Green fabric (10x12)

  •  Gray (10x12)

  •  Abstract Steel-gray Lines -Polyester 5x7ft

  •  Abstract Cold Tones Of Dark Gray Oliphant Textured -Polyester 5x7ft

  •  Brick Wall Backdrop - Polyester

  • Boho Balloons Tent Spring- Polyester 5x3ft

  •  Sweep Backdrop Rusty Abstract -Polyester 5x10ft

  •  Elegant Retro Dark Green Wall -Polyester 5x7ft

  •  Light Pink Bokeh Newborn -Polyester 5x7ft

  •  Black paper roll (9ft) + $10

  •  White paper roll - fresh sheet (9ft) +$10

  •  Double backdrop area 10x12 & 5x6ft (black polyester) +$5

  •  Double backdrop area 10x12 & 5x6ft (white polyester) +$5

  •  Double backdrop area 10x12 & 5x6ft (green polyester) +$5


 Dark brown wood floor

 Dark gray wood floor

 Light brown wood floor

 Light brown wood image athletic mats

  • x2 SoftboxSize: 24" x 35" / 60 x 90cm

  • x2 UmbrellaSize: 33" / 83cm

  • x5 ReflectorSize: 32" / 80cm

  • 2 x White Diffuser

  • x1 Glow EZ Lock Collapsible Silver Beauty Dish (34")

  • x1 Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (48")

  • x1 Glow 48" EZ Lock Octa Quick XL Softbox with Bowens Mount

  • x7 Colors Correction Light Gel Filter sheets , 11.7x 8.3" +$5


  • Dressing area w/ clothing door hanger and feminine products

  • Equipment & Prop room 

  • Loaded snack bar + $10 up to 2  

  • Living room area with tv & netflix 

  • outdoor patio with seating and picnic tables 

  • Bluetooth speakers that play throughout the house

  • Iphone & Android Chargers 

  • First aid kit 

You'll have access to the following: 


  • x6 Lights stands 

  • x2 Metal clamp holders 

  • x4 Lights stands w

  • x2 boom arm  (height 12.5ft max) 

  • gaff tape

  • Clothing rack w/ hangers 

  • 24" TV monitor w/ cables  for image viewing

Flooring & Props

Just more of the goodness that's packed in our studio....  to start, we've got 6 flooring options for you to choose from and a growing equipment room with props!!

Snack Bar & Amenities

Get comfortable and get creative while your in our relaxing home setting.  Featuring a full snack bar with coffee, sodas, waters and small bites.  Our dressing area and our outdoor patio! 


Set the scene with our beautiful fabric backdrops and guess what your first 2 are included with your studio rental!   We also have 9ft black & white paper for an additional cost.